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(For Registered Users in the Aviation Community such as Pilots, Airlines Operators and AIS Users)

Registered Users can*:

  1. Retrieve Pre-flight Information Bulletin (PIB)
  2. Submit Flight Plans (FPL) for WSSS and WSSL Departures
  3. Submit NOTAM Proposals (For Authorised Originators of Singapore NOTAMs only)

*Requires Java Runtime Environment (JRE).

For enquiries on FPL/NOTAM please call 65-65956052 (Changi FPL), 65-64812909 (Selatar FPL), 65-65956053 (NOTAM). For general enquiries on AIM matters, email caas_singaporeais@caas.gov.sg.

Please click here for more information on AIM_SG